My blog post from X-Cultural Marketing 29 Sept 2010

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Social media is definitely the hot new topic in the marketing world these days. Everyone’s doing it.  Or so they say. Does your company have a social media marketing strategy? For B2B brands, it’s not as easy at it looks, but at least one award-winning E3 Network Agency is taking social media seriously, for themselves and their B2B clients.

BBC Creativity not only has a great web site, with blog, twitter and facebook feeds, but has their finger on the pulse of the digital marketing world.

Check out these two posts from their recent blog:

A (late) question for Twitter: what are ‘promoted’ tweets about?

Have you noticed the “Promoted Tweets” that Twitter added back in April? For those in the know, this how Twitter is planning to monitize their service (finally). Ad Age called them Twitter’s new “Business Model”.

 BBC makes some good points about them here, but for…

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Poll: How well are you keeping up with social media?

How well are you keeping up with social media trends?

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How well are you keeping up with the current social media trends?

Take our poll:

How do you compare?

Read what others are saying in our last blog, “Are you struggling to keep up with social media trends.”

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My E3 blog post from 27 March 2009

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We’ve all heard a lot about how social media is the way forward in B2C marketing, but what about B2B? Can B2B marketers capitalize on the ready audiences and real-time marketing opportunities that social media offers in the consumer world?

You bet. A number of B2B marketers are using social media tactics, from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, to engage their audiences in one-on-one discussions and keep their brands relevant with stakeholders.

If you need practical advice about how to succeed with social media marketing, you’ll find plenty of good resources online. We’ve listed a few here to help you get started.

One resource you don’t want to miss is Michael Stelzner’s report  at the White Paper Source called Social Media Marketing Industry Report: How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses. Download it.


Also, check out this great list of online resources posted by the B2B…

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My blog post from 20 February 2009

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For companies looking to create a global brand, having the right information about cultural differences and trends is imperative. International marketing agencies and networks with local connections offer go-to teams for launching campaigns across borders. But even more than that, finding the right research partner to spot trends as well as global changes, can make a huge difference.


Consider the example of Iconoculture, the cultural research firm that has been charting international trends in consumerism and marketing since 1992. A series of podcasts on their website by their “cultural fluents” offer first-line impressions about trends around the world.

In one podcast, Kimberly Ochs discusses how globalization is effecting consumers throughout Europe. Her assessment includes an assertion that the expansion of women in the workforce in countries like Spain and the UK is somewhat hindered by access to daycare. And that European countries are increasingly adopting U.S. methods for…

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Blog post for E3 Network 27 January 2009

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In a recent blog post for Marketing Profs, Dana VanDen Heuvel talks about the importance of Thought Leadership as a marketing tool for B2B Marketers.  He summarizes a number of studies from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and others which show implicitly how Thought Leadership is among the top ways that B2B marketers can appeal to their target audiences.

He says:

“If you’re a B2B marketer, there’s never been a better time to pursue thought leadership (and social media, for that matter) as a valuable addition to your existing go-to-market strategy. No, not everyone will, can or wants to attempt to be a thought leader, but the rewards are significant for those that pursue this strategy.”

Among the top ways B2B marketers can reach out to their audiences, are meetings and conferences, and original research (white papers, studies, reports, etc.).  That’s from a question asked directly to businesses about what…

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My E3 blog post from 11 December 2008

X-Cultural Marketing | E3 Agency Network | Global Insights

With economic pressures putting the squeeze on marketing budgets, one tactic small businesses and B2B marketers should consider moving up on their priority list is networking.

In a Business Week podcast, Liz Lynch, founder of the Center for Networking Excellence and author of Smart Networking, says, ““Networking is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep marketing during an economic downturn.”

Not only for extroverts
Lynch stresses that you don’t have to be an extrovert to be successful at networking. In fact, introverts are often much better at letting others have the spotlight and share their story – qualities that are essential to building relationships and networking successfully.

Commit to the time investment
Joining a local industry group or alliance can be a great way to start your networking efforts. Monthly meetings will be worth your investment in time to grow your network – and your business. Groups like E3…

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