Facebook Pages have new targeting options

Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature they’re calling “Page Post Targeting Enhanced,” which allows Pages to target posts to sub-segments of their fans based on gender, age, Likes, and other characteristics. This will allow businesses to tailor marketing messages to specific audiences. For example, a business could tell teens, “We’ve got swag”, while telling adults “We’re reputable.”

Until now, Facebook Pages could only target posts to fans of certain locations and languages. The tool could make Pages even more useful to marketers and convince them to pay for ads to grow their fan base.

The criteria apply only to the news feed, and all posts will remain visible on timeline, according to Inside Facebook, which posted the list of criteria:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interested in
  • Relationship status
  • Language
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Location (country, state, city)

Facebook Pages Post targetting feature