About Shari Monnes

Shari Monnes Marketing Communications Shari Monnes is an experienced and creative marketing communications manager who can provide a hands-on tactical approach as well as the strategic thinking that brings results.

With more than 20 years of combined agency and corporate marketing experience, Shari offers senior level expertise in internet marketing, web site content creation and social media campaign management. She has set up digital marketing services for more than three companies, and established procedures for managing ongoing inbound marketing campaigns for a number of clients and agencies.

Digital and Content Specialist

As digital specialist, Shari manages web site content, blogs, SEO, and social media interaction, such as Corporate Facebook Pages, Linked In Groups and Twitter for international clients. She also has years of experience creating internal and customer communications programs including e-newsletters, magazines, blogs, and intranet content.

Extremely computer savvy, Shari keeps up with the latest technology for social media monitoring, search engine optimization (SEO),  and web site analysis and is skilled at setting up customized Google Analytics and social monitoring reports for clients and marketing managers. She has been instrumental as several companies in training coworkers and establishing work-flow procedures around content deliverables and online communications.

Shari also has a deep understanding of WordPress Template structure and is skilled working with developers to created customized templates for clients that meet client’s online objectives, including SEO needs, lead generation, responsive design and promotions.

Market Areas

Shari works primarily with healthcare, life sciences and technology clients in the B2B area.

Recent clients/projects include: 

Tecan – Website and inbound marketing content support and ongoing blog management
Gyros AB – Gyrolab Microsite (created web site specifications, managed the project development and added content via the WordPress CMS).
AAAS/Science Magazine Mobile Site Beta(project management for web site relaunch 10 years ago, and recent work on mobile web site test project).
GE Healthcare Life Sciences Western Blotting Microsite (created web site specifications, managed site development and added content via WordPress CMS).
Nobel Peace Prize Concert Web site (created web site specifications, managed site development and added content via WordPress CMS).
Tradegood Tradecafe Microsite(created web site specifications, managed site development and added content via WordPress CMS).
Dako website (project management for website relaunch, and recent rebranding content)

Current ongoing work engagements:

*UP There, Everywhere Leadership Team and Digital Marketing Specialist

Shari helped launch the company — a cloud-based international advertising agency — in March 2011. She was involved in creating the web site (and is working on an updated and revised version), set up the company blog, established internal processes and internal communications structures, including the use of 37 Signals (Basecamp, Hi-Rise, Backback, etc), and formalized the agency’s social media services into an offering called *BLEET.

View Shari’s UP* Profile.

Read Shari’s Blog at UP*

E3 Agency NetworkMarketing Communications Manager

Since 2007, Shari has been the Marketing Communications Manager for E3 Agency Network. This international agency network has more than 30 members around the world who meet in person twice a year to exchange ideas, share strategies and learn from each other. Inter-agency collaboration on cross-cultural marketing is a key goal of the group, and Shari helps facilitate the efforts by producing bi-monthly member newsletters, updating the private Facebook and Linked In Groups, and managing the agency’s internal and external web site. Shari also writes the network’s blog,  manages E3’s social media (Facebook Page, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube), edits and publishes the network’s monthly magazine (Global Insights) and annual Best of International cases book, and sends out regular press releases about the network.

Connect with Shari Monnes

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/smonnes
Twitter: @smonnes

Email: shari (a) monnesmarketing.com