My blog post from 20 February 2009

X-Cultural Marketing | E3 Agency Network | Global Insights

For companies looking to create a global brand, having the right information about cultural differences and trends is imperative. International marketing agencies and networks with local connections offer go-to teams for launching campaigns across borders. But even more than that, finding the right research partner to spot trends as well as global changes, can make a huge difference.


Consider the example of Iconoculture, the cultural research firm that has been charting international trends in consumerism and marketing since 1992. A series of podcasts on their website by their “cultural fluents” offer first-line impressions about trends around the world.

In one podcast, Kimberly Ochs discusses how globalization is effecting consumers throughout Europe. Her assessment includes an assertion that the expansion of women in the workforce in countries like Spain and the UK is somewhat hindered by access to daycare. And that European countries are increasingly adopting U.S. methods for…

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