The timing of Twitter and other social media posts

My E3 blog post from 20 March 2011

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Hubspot, an inbound marketing software company based in Boston, presented a good webinar yesterday called “The Science of Timing” about when to post blogs, tweet, send emails and update Facebook fan pages. It was presented by Dan Zarrella, who calls himself “The Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientist.”

Zarrella presented research  with real numbers showing the best times of the day to post your updates based on your audience and your goals, whether that is to create a following (and get comments) or to get links back to your site or blog (which helps with SEO).

Key takeaways

The webinar highlighted several interesting takeaways including:

1. Tweeting late in the day and on weekends yields the most retweets. Zarrella attributed this to what he called “Contra-competitive” timing, meaning there is less competition for attention at those times.

2. Blogging on weekends yields the most comments, but publishing early in the morning on weekdays (before…

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