Build your brand on LinkedIn with long-form posts

Are you using LinkedIn to build your brand by creating content that shows your area of expertise? LinkedIn introduced the “long-form” post a little over a year ago. You can use it to post original content (blogs) that will be seen by your network.


Your long-form posts should be business related. For example, you could post about trends in your industry or new technology developments. Maybe include a round-up of top articles that feature your company or product. Or post a blog from your company’s website. Just be sure to link back to your original blog post to preserve your website’s SEO.

Don’t have a blog?

Some companies use LinkedIn long-form posts as their primary means of blogging. Perhaps your website isn’t currently set up to manage a blog, or your company isn’t sure about blogging? You can still develop thought leadership in your personal areas of expertise by publishing articles in this format that share valuable information with your business network.

How? Create your long-form posts and then share it on your Company’s LinkedIn Page and your own profile page.  (You’ll need to have admin rights to your company’s LinkedIn Page to share it there). If you don’t, ask someone who does to share your post there as an update. And be sure to use the social media sharing tools to promote it beyond LInkedIn.

It’s an easy way to build your reputation.

Want to know more?

Read this presentation that shows how to do it.


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